Who is Tsunehiko Watase’s second marriage partner? Are children (sons and daughters) entertainers? To a bank transfer scam?

We would like to introduce Tetsuya Watase’s younger brother, actor Tsunehiko Watase.


Who to remarry?

Tsunehiko Watase married actress Reiko Ohara in September 1973.

However, they divorced on February 1978, 2.

One theory is that it is caused by the bride-in-law problem.

Incidentally, Reiko Ohara remarried two years later, in 2, to enka singer Shinichi Mori, and divorced four years later.

After that, he died alone at home in 2009…

Reiko Ohara and Tsunehiko Watase had no feud, and Watase was present at the funeral.

Even though we broke up, there is something sad about my ex-wife’s unfortunate life…

On the other hand, Tsunehiko Watase seems to have remarried an ordinary woman in 1, one year after their divorce.

Both of them remarried shortly after the divorce, so from this point as well, it seems that there was no regret or feud regarding the divorce.

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Are children (sons and daughters) entertainers?

Tsunehiko Watase has no children with Reiko Ohara, but he seems to have one son and one daughter with his remarried wife.

Tsunehiko Watase is opposed to his two children entering the entertainment industry.

The reason, he says, is that he “doesn’t know the direction of his efforts.”

I feel like I understand it somehow.

Of course, there are aspects of developing acting skills in the entertainment industry, but there is also a strong element of luck.

In addition, Tsunehiko Watase was careful about raising children.

  • Always have a meal with your family once a week
  • Frequent family camping

Recently, it’s hard to find time to eat with your family, but you might be able to do it once a week without difficulty.

To a bank transfer scam?

In the TV program “Tetsuko’s Room,” Tsunehiko Watase said that he almost fell victim to a bank transfer scam.

It seems that he was spared when he realized that it was suspicious.

By the way, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’ve heard that people in Kansai are less likely to fall victim to remittance scams.

The reason seems to be that there are many criminal groups in the Kanto region, and the Kansai dialect is difficult.

Certainly, people in Kansai are sensitive to the Kansai dialect spoken by people in Kanto. (laughs)for courage

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