How Do Online Betting Regulations Look Like in Portugal?

Online Betting

Portugal is the country that has clear regulations about gambling and betting activities for their citizens. In Portugal, you can find various offline venues and online apps that allow you to play various casino games and betting games, so you can earn some extra money by doing so. How do online betting regulations look like in Portugal? Here are a few important points you need to know:

  • Various Betting and Gambling Activities are Legal in Portugal Since 2015

In 2015, Portugal’s government legalized various gambling and betting activities with their gambling laws called Online Gambling and Betting Legal Regime. After that, the laws have gone through various modifications to accommodate the vast development in the gambling and betting industries. So, in Portugal, it is legal for you to play online betting games from the apps that you install on your phone. You can also play online casino games and betting games from your web browsers with no problem. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you need to ensure the app you are using is legit and follow the gambling laws in Portugal.

You can use betting apps like 22Bet Portugal to make money online by betting on various sports, horse races, and many others. It’s easy to deposit and withdraw your earnings on the app via various payment methods.

  • Legal Betting Venues Need to Pay 44% Tax in Portugal

Gambling and betting might be legal in Portugal, and the government keeps on creating new regulations based on the market expansion. However, it is quite taxing for those who want to partake in gambling and betting activities. In Portugal, gambling and betting service providers need to pay 44% tax to the government besides following the already established gambling laws.

Also, it’s important to know that you will need to pay the taxes whenever you partake in gambling and betting activities in Portugal. So, keep this in mind. You might need to pay certain taxes when you deposit or withdraw your funds on the betting apps.

  • Betting Games that are Legal in Portugal

There are various betting games you can find nowadays, and most of these betting games are legal in Portugal. First, you can play various casino games, whether offline or online, and they are legal as long as the venues or service providers follow the gambling laws and regulations in Portugal. Online Cricket Betting ID you can play include slots, bingo, roulette, blackjack, and many others.

Second, there are various betting games available to play in Portugal, which include sports betting games, horse racing, and various other games of chance. Also, Portugal hasn’t regulated the betting games related to e-sports and fantasy leagues, so you might need to wait for the regulations for e-sports and fantasy leagues to be available in the future.


You’ve learned about the online betting regulations in Portugal. To conclude, Portugal allows their citizens to play most gambling or betting games available today, whether offline or online. However, the citizens and the service providers need to follow the gambling and betting regulations in Portugal, including fulfilling their duty to pay taxes when they partake in these activities.

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