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Golden Hearts Game is a charity-supporting game platform where users may play online games and win real cash. The platform allows users to redeem their winnings in the form of cash. You may also make donations to any charity recognized by the US government.

 Location and License: Golden Hearts Games is located in Boston, MA, and is regulated by the US government. However, it does not require operating licenses since it is a charitable organization and does not require a deposit to play.

They accept both local and international players and welcome users of any bankroll and expertise. 

How Golden Hearts Casino Works

Golden Hearts Casino does not accept a deposit. Instead, it allows you to donate to a charity in exchange for playable chips. These chips may be used to win real money by playing casino or bingo games.

Players may withdraw their winnings or donate them to a charity of their desire. Golden Hearts also runs its fundraising programs such as charity balls, dinners, housed bingos, and even live shows.

Wagering Platform: Golden Hearts Games offers live bingo, slots, blackjack, and video games. Their wide array of slots and bingo options tailors to the dynamics of women, teens, men, and senior folks.

The live bingo is one of the latest signals that they have no plans to disappear any time soon. Instead, they will stand by their commitment to modernizing their platforms.

User Interface: Golden Hearts Games is only available on desktops and PCs. Although some rumors of smartphone testing have been sounding in the pipes for years. While digital nomads wait eagerly for mobile apps, they may just go directly no download pages.

These types of websites allow players to enjoy their mobile gaming without the need to download any app. It is almost saying app-free gaming.

Bonuses and Promos: Players are welcomed with $10 worth of free spins. They are not required to make any deposits. However, they are given higher bonuses for new deposits. These deposit bonuses may vary depending on the special offer and are always published along with a promo code.

Some casinos such as, provide both welcome bonuses and special reload promos. 

Payment Methods: The betting outfit accepts deposits via Apple Pay, Google, and direct credit cards deposit. Users may fund their gaming accounts within minutes of signing up and start enjoying their promos and balances.

Customer Reviews: users are clearly satisfied with Golden Hearts. Out of a total of 27,000+ reviews, the average rating is 4.75 points. That is as close as it gets to a perfect five.

Most Ontario-based casinos are yet to reach 4-star ratings and lag in user management and customer service. This is where Golden Hearts is winning the game. They are always there. Clients have shared how fast they reply to the simplest query.

Withdrawing Your Winnings: users may withdraw their winnings at any time and it is sent within 1 -3 business days depending on the method chosen. Bank deposits are mostly requested because of the security and speed.

Players are expected to donate to a charity upon withdrawal. Even though there are no obligations, users should understand the purpose of the platform and pledge their support.

How to Support Golden Hearts Casino

Are you ready to lend your support to your favorite charity by enjoying casino games get started by following these easy steps>

  • Register at the Golden Hearts casino website.
  • Inside your dashboard enter a charity of your choice. The charity must be approved by the US Government and has a published website.
  • Fund your casino account and start winning.
  • You can decide how much of your winnings to donate to charity. Even if you do not win, your losses will be used for charity foundations across the US and Canada.

What are Charities and Why Casinos?

Charity foundations are those that provide social work within communities using volunteers and user donations. Charities usually focus on youth development, substance abuse, and education.

Casinos are one of the most common hobbies in the world. With more than 58% of the world’s population doing some sort of gambling. However, casino-type games are the most popular and amount to more than 61% of gambling revenues.

Among casino games, slots, blackjack, poker, and baccarat are the most popular. Other reputable games include bingo and rummy.

Golden hearts casino has made more than 9 billion in donations to charity foundations. The goal of the company is to provide a credible gaming platform where users may enjoy making their donations.

If social casino games, live bingo, poker, or slots are your kind of thrills, then starting an account at Golden Hearts may be the best bet for you. Besides enjoying the games and winning money, you can also support your favorite charity program and help your community.

So, if you must play online casino games, play with Golden Hearts.


1.   Are social casinos permitted for children?

No. You must be an adult depending on your state or country, to be able to participate in social casinos.

2.   Are social casinos legal?

Social casinos are generally regulated by some type of governmental regulatory body. In most cases the gaming authority of the state or country. However, some casinos do not require supervision, in that they are dedicated to charity and are already supervised by the government body authorized to review charities.

3.  Can a casino offer both social casino and real gambling?

Yes. Many casinos offer both social gaming and real money models. The betting company is required to make a clear distinction between the entities, such as having separate websites, payment wallets, and operating corporations.

4.   How much will I get paid in a social casino?

Most social casinos do not allow players to withdraw their earnings. The social models are usually used for entertainment only. However, there are exceptions, in cases where the social site will allow the players to redeem their winnings.

The casinos with such offers will explicitly state so on their websites and will establish the terms under which you may redeem your tokens.

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