I don’t know much about Capybaras, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. Here are three reasons why you should love them too:

Reason number 1: Capybaras can make friends with anyone.

There are many different animals in the world, and no one is more approachable and friendly than another animal. It’s not hard to find any animal on photo search by simply typing in “capybara + animal.” Just take a look at these two species. During my research for this article, I came across this video entitled “Why Do Animals Love Capybaras So Much?” It starts off with a question, but the host is clearly an underpaid voice actor and fails to answer it. Instead we get treated to a slideshow of capybaras hanging out with other animals from various species. Clearly overwhelmed with cuteness, so are we!

There’s even a photo of a Capybara chilling with a crocodile. The crocodile looks forlornly back ’cause he’s coming in hot when he sees the crawling/slithering monster right up on him. When he reached his arm out to scratch that fuzzy thing on his snout though, his plans were thwarted when he found out that hanging out with a Capybara is way more fun than eating one!

With the right mindset, you can befriend anyone especially intimidating yet approachable animals like high-status or large creatures like lions, bears or sharks that could eat

Given their friendly nature, Capybaras enjoy hanging out with other animals. They are approachable and friendly towards all. When you google image search “capybara + animal” you’ll find an image of the two species either snuggling or at least chilling with each other. I came across this video entitled

“Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much?” which starts off by questioning why animals like capybaras so much, but then quickly dips into a slideshow of cute animal friends that don’t include the question it posed.

The host is overwhelmed with cuteness, as so are we thanks to her voice-over job that pays too little for her audiobook skills in comparison to her ability to enthusiastically recite any number of obscure animals spelled without a small “a.”

By keeping your mindset open and being observant instead of presuming people want to harm you, you can make friends with anyone, even the most intimidating of animals.

Reason number 2: Capybaras aren’t pushovers.

Some humans tried to build homes for themselves for the animals, but then decided to push the Capybaras out of their territory. But the Capybaras weren’t going anywhere, so they began using guerilla warfare tactics and really making a mess of things.

They made cutouts in people’s yards, caused traffic jams, and basically did everything to hinder communication with these invasive humans. It pays to be friendly, but when you violate others’ boundaries without listening, it will just get taken advantage of. When the line is crossed, don’t settle for just letting them know; do something about it.

Some people in Argentina decided to build a new home by moving some Capybaras into the country. However, the Capybaras didn’t take the relocation well, and employed guerilla warfare tactics to drive those humans out of their country.

The land invaders got nowhere and were forced to retreat with their tails between their legs. If you’re friendly without boundaries, expect that they’ll just try to take advantage of you. If you sense things are going too far, let them know how you feel.

Reason number 3: Capybaras know how to enjoy life

Whenever given a chance to take a break from their high-octane lives, capybaras enjoy the little things in life. 32 chews of food may seem like it’s not enough, but it’s enough for them to fully digest and savor their food.

In our fast-paced culture, taking time with friends can be denigrated as a waste of time. Capybaras are known for being social creatures and chatting with everyone they meet.

They’re also known for spending most of their lives in groups of 10-20, making friends with all those around them rather than making enemies. A capybara’s favorite activity is soaking in a hotspring, never in a rush to get cleaned up and get on with the day’s timeline but taking the time to ease into that nice warm bath instead. Can you imagine being a capybara, bathing in your fur?

The slower pace at which they live is what makes them so chill–they can’t help but be slow-paced themselves after they take the time to appreciate life while they’re at it!

Capybaras know that it’s important to take the time to enjoy the little things in life, like chewing their food 32 times or more. They spend most of their days in a group of 10-20 and make friends with everyone they meet.

When presented with a delicious fruit, they take time to eat it with every chew so they can fully enjoy. In our busy culture, taking time for relaxation and precious connections often gets denigrated as a waste of time. Capybaras are intelligent and social creatures, living their whole lives in groups of 10-20 and refusing to make anyone their enemy.

They’re best known for soaking up the glorious heat in hotsprings and never letting water get them all hot and unsettled. If you want chill vibes, just follow the capybara example by taking your time every day to savor what has already been given to you.