Understanding RTPs in Online Slots

Anyone that has explored casino-style gambling has likely heard the term house edge. It signifies the advantage operators have over their player pool defined in a percentage that outlines just how much the win probability is in their favor.

Gambling companies are not in the business of losing money, so they only feature gaming products where they have the upper hand. That reality also applies to slot games, offline and online.

Today, the offer of reel-spinning action on the World Wide Web is immense, as over twenty thousand reel-spinners have flooded the digital sphere. Thus, players have to rely on premium info hubs such as Safest Betting Sites to educate them concerning which slot has the highest RTP and where to find similar games.

Below, we explain – how does RTP on slots work and what are the potentially most lucrative picks from the internet’s most dominant gaming genre.

RTP Explained

RTP stands for return-to-player. It is a game setting that signifies how much of the money bet on a specific reel-spinner that title will give back to its players over time. That is it. It is essentially a gaming product’s house edge, but it uses an inverted percentage format.

Hence, a casino advantage of 5% translates to an RTP of 95%.

So, in short, an RTP of 95% means that for every $100 wagered on a slot boasting this setting, it will give $5 and distribute the remaining $95 over a vast amount of spins.

Online Slot RTPs vs. Those of Land-Based Games

There is virtually no gameplay difference between physical slot machines and their internet iterations. In both, always, the goal is to form matching symbol combinations on pre-defined paylines or in clusters.

However, since it costs loads more money to run a gambling locale, regulators allow operators of physical casinos to offer games where the winning probability is significantly more in their favor than the products found online.

For instance, US land-based licensors mandate that their licensees only house slots with a minimum RTP of 75%. Their online counterparts predominantly allow a minimum RTP of 85%. Because it is cheaper to run an internet casino, the odds of winning prizes for players are better online.

The answer to the question – what is a good RTP for slots is above 96% for spinners found on the Web. And above 85% for land-based ones.

How Variance Relates to RTP

While RTP determines how much of the money wagered a slot will pay back in the long term, variance outlines what sized chunks it will do so in.

A low variance tells gamblers that they will get a steady stream of small rewards, while such a high setting informs them that the game in question will generate massive wins, but scarcely.

The Primary RTP Misconception

While RTP is a salient data nugget about any casino product, it is only a rule of thumb, a projection based on simulations involving millions of reel rotations. An RTP of 96% does not mean that a slot will give back $96 of the money bet in a single session or day.

RTP has no bearing on players’ gaming activity, as it is a general overview of what will happen over an extensive period of play on one game.

What Are Some Slots With High RTP Settings?

In general, any slot with an RTP above 97% gets considered as one with a high return-to-player percentage. Five fan favorites that fit this qualification are:

  1. Swindle All the Way by RTG – 98.5%
  2. Gold Rush Gus by Woohoo – 98.48%
  3. Good Girl, Bad Girl by BetSoft – 97.79%
  4. Who Spun It? by Betsoft – 97.64%
  5. Enchanted Garden by RTG – 97.5%

How do you find the RTP of a slot machine? That info is readily available for online games at review hubs or developer websites. For slots found at gambling properties, interested parties should contact the game manufacturers or their casino to attain it.

Best Online Casinos That Offer Reel-Spinning Fun

With close to three thousand gambling site accepting gamblers from all regions of Earth, it can be hard to pick out credible platforms that offer high RTP spinners. According to most veteran players, the best three ones that fit this bill are:

  1. Wild Casino
  2. Super Slots
  3. Las Atlantis 

To Sum Up

While a slot’s RTP is a vital tidbit to know, a title’s variance plays an equally crucial role in managing player expectations.

Gamblers who hope to only gain a small profit from their gaming fun should stick to low variance spinners with high RTPs, while those going for life-altering riches should only play high variance slots. The latter will undoubtedly have a lower than average return-to-player percentage attached.

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